Urban planning



Heights of buildings
and structures

Use Cases


Base map surveys

  • Precise and highly detailed marking of features on a very high-resolution orthomosaic enables a better understanding of the urban area.
  • Based on these planimetric maps, city plans can be made more effective in terms of planning parking zones, waste dump zones, overhead wiring, junctions, traffic etc.,

Progress monitoring

  • Assess project progress over time and archive changes digitally with frequent surveys.
  • Track any deviations from planned designs and immediately take corrective measures.
  • Keep clients updated in a visually intuitive manner and avoid discrepancies.
  • Accelerate regulatory clearances with enriched data support.

Topography surveys

  • Enables detailed project planning
  • Provides accurate cut-fill volume analysis
  • Generates very fine contours for infrastructure design
  • Identify quantitatively, the bottlenecks in transport and movement of logistics

Regulatory compliance surveys

  • Clearly identify and measure encroachment of public places like parks, roads, archeology sites etc.
  • Monitor commercial vs residential area compliances viz-a-viz tax compliance by accurately measuring building footprints
  • Identify construction height violations etc.