Years of Experience:


Annual Salary:

Negotiable (based on knowledge & expertise)



About AUS:

Aarav Unmanned Systems Pvt. Ltd. (AUS) is India’s leading drone solution startup in the commercial segment.  We provide end to end solutions to enterprises in the field of mining, urban planning, infrastructure, irrigation and agriculture and energy.  We are early starters and market leaders in the Indian drone industry. Our belief is to solve real problems and use drone technology as a revolution. Our strength is our perseverance, clarity, collaborative approach and our team. 

We are funded by some of the known early-stage Indian VCs in our growth journey so far however, our business is already self-sustainable and growing at a fast pace. We love machines, especially aerial robots and believe that drones are shaping the future of the world. AUS is actively looking for self-driven and process-oriented individuals who would be interested in joining team AUS in this fascinating growth journey and be an early contributor to the drone ecosystem of the country which is growing at a very exciting and fast pace.

You would be part of:

  1. Reading of existing flight stacks and understanding of the existing control behavior of multicopters and fixed wings.
  2. Tweaking of software of existing control systems of UASs to implement new flight behavior.
  3. Researching control systems to understand the developments that are happening in the field.
  4. Developing and stabilizing early stage state of the art controls system algos for existing Multicopter, fixed wing and Hybrid products.
  5. Working closely with Flight Controller Software development engineers and systems engineers to test and stabilize control system and flight behavior related experiments.

We expect you to be:

  1. Experienced in working with control dynamics of different types of UASs.
  2. Having Deep understanding about MEMS sensors, sensor calibrations, GPS sensors, Filtering techniques like Kalman and Control Systems.
  3. Very comfortable in C and C++.
  4. Comfortable in reading research papers and implements of algorithms in the real world
  5. A self-motivated and motivating personality who can work well independently as well as part of a team
  6. Having good interpersonal and soft skills who can adapt to the work environment while manifesting a good positive attitude

You are awesome if you are:

  1. Experienced in working with fundamentals of existing control algos to change flight behavior
  2. Experienced in writing of control algos from the scratch by reading research papers
  3. Experienced in working with any existing popular flight stacks like ArduPilot, PX4 etc.
  4. Experienced in renowned academic collaborative development of UAV control systems.

Selection process will include:

  1. Resume and submitted application based screening
  2. Further shortlisting based upon some factual information obtained via a short call or an online form submission
  3. A short time controlled online aptitude and/or skill assessment test (in some cases)
  4. Typically two round of interviews to evaluate on the following parameters:
    1. Past work experience and exposure
    2. Subject expertise and knowledge
    3. Aptitude, logical thinking and analytical skills
    4. Overall attitude and personality
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