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Yet to decide on the purchase of our product? Yet to get comfortable with the whole technology and its usability? And you feel a single demo is too small a sample size to make your decision with a calm mind?

Or you really do not want to take up the project yourself and you are just looking to OUTSOURCE the project to the best drone technology guys in the country? You are at the right place!!!

Tell us about your projects in hand and let us handle everything for you from there on. Keep calm and let AUS do the job for you.

flight time

Highest UAV Data Capture Capability


Highest Government Empanelment Across India

Our Capabilities

Avg. data captured per day

50 sqkm +

Avg. data processing per day

50 sqkm +


< 5cm (x,y), < 10cm (z)


With our terrain follow capability, we produce uniform data resolution of accuracy across any kind of terrain (hilly, etc.).

Project Outputs We Generate

  • done

    3D point cloud

  • done

    DSM / DTM (upto 50cm grid)

  • done


  • done

    Contours (upto 25cm)

  • done

    Planimetry maps

  • done

    Volumetric estimations

  • done

    Environmental assessments

  • done

    Surface plans

  • done

    Base maps

  • done

    Slope analysis

Our Empanelments

AUS has the highest no of government empanelments in India related to UAV based survey and mapping.

area coverage


Area Covered (in hectares)

flight time





No of Images



Data Generated (in TB)

Project Types

We undertake the following type of projects (deliverables can be discussed project to project basis)


Road and Rail topographic survey/mapping


Irrigation and canals survey


Urban development and smart cities mapping


Mines topographic survey and stockpile volume estimation

imaging of agricultural lands

Multi-spectral imaging of agricultural lands

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